Humility, honesty and compassion are the traits that the staff admires most in the head pastor. The staff evaluations indicated that the pastor was always available for questions and concerns and that he follows through with answers to questions quickly and fairly, noting that he is proactive in policy and procedures.

Some areas, however, continue to be a struggle for the pastor.
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The most common theme among the staff when it came to explaining struggles was the lack of ability for conflict resolution. Without the needed conflict resolution, several staff members indicated that there was often more drama than there needed to be. For his part, the pastor also mentioned that the one part of his job he does not like is having to deal with the drama. With two new staff members starting within the next few weeks, the council president is recommending that the pastor needs to schedule organic one on one time with everyone to make sure that the changes create a new atmosphere with less drama, less conflict.

Noting two percent raises to the staff for the upcoming year, the council president also indicated that there were some additional small bonuses for two members who had played especially helpful and motivated during the challenging months of the pandemic.
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A two percent raise to the lead pastor and an immediate three percent bonus was announced. In contrast, there will only be a one percent increase for the assistant pastor. This percent represents a lower increase than to the head pastor and the rest of the staff.

Following continued information that the assistant pastor works well on the tunnel vision of some specific tasks, it is important to note that when it comes to dealing with the changes that so often occur, the assistant pastor is often not only flustered, but also angered.
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The counsel president is going to make weekly calls with the assistant pastor to target goals for the year and then to see if he is interested in moving to the full pastor position when the current paster retires.

For many reasons, It has been a struggle for the lead pastor as he navigated both shifting and continuing conflicts this year. The council does not want a pastor going through the motions as he finishes this term that he has extended due to the current health challenges in the world, so the council will continue to offer support.

It would take a crystal ball to know what the next transition will be like. Will it be a smooth one to a new long term pastor or will it be a transition to several pastors until the church finds the person who is the best fit? Will it require a different set of service from the white label SEO reseller company currently under contract?

The message to the assistant pastor will be that if he wants to be a viable candidate for the lead position he will need to start building the skill sets for that new position.
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The thinking is not that if the assistant pastor does all of these things then he can get the senior pastor job, but that if he does these things he will be better prepared for the wide range of other opportunities that might interest him.
The decision to move in another direction for an assistant pastor and finding a replacement will be a challenge. For churches, as well as for businesses that operate for a profit, the acquisition of talent can be daunting. In fact, the competition for the right kind of person to fill any kind of need is so competitive that many businesses, including groups that operate as a not for profit, have found that they need to contract with search firms to have the most success.
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