In the online world, competing for clicks has become a contest between businesses in the same industry. Every company wants to be the first website to show up on a search engine result list for particular keywords, but just how to make that happen is a cloudy concept. Even website designers are often unsure of the best way to arrange a website in order to garner more indirect hits and unsolicited traffic. It can make matters even more complicated when a website designer or firm is approached by a client who is upset at being ranked low on a search engine.

For designers who want to make their clients happy and improve their own portfolio, Seo reseller programs are an option. The term “SEO” refers to search engine optimization, a strategy that uses certain keywords and placement to garner more hits and improve the page rank of a website. There are firms that work solely with SEO concepts and can provide advice to smaller website designers who want to improve the look and function of their clients’ websites. By taking the advice given by the larger company and becoming a middleman of sorts, these designers become SEO resellers.

Once the middleman has paid the SEO specialty company for the advice, they can pass it along to their own client and charge whatever fee they deem reasonable. This is where they become an SEO reseller. By giving the advice to clients and in a way, repackaging the information, Seo resellers help their own business and make their clients happy in the process. Applying even a few SEO concepts to a website can make a big difference in the amount of traffic a particular page receives and SEO resellers know this. A few carefully placed words make the difference on most websites and the basic design does not need to change at all.

SEO resellers often get a small education in the process. By analyzing the information that the larger company sends on, SEO resellers can begin to have a better understanding of SEO concepts in general and how page rank works. Applying keywords and rules to particular phrases are just two of the many SEO concepts that a specialty firm would suggest to a reseller for their clients and this is something that the middleman can learn from. By implementing reseller programs, all three parties involved benefit from the end results.

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